Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó

Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Plinius Toko - CD / Hálózati lejátszó
Hivatalos garancia
Hivatalos garancia
Megrendelés / Vásárlás kizárólag személyesen
Megrendelés / Vásárlás kizárólag személyesen
1 820 000 Ft

A Plinius Toko digital audio player valóban egy felsőkategóriás CD játszó + hálózati lejátszó, ami kifinomult hangjának, a beépített DAC-jának és a gyönyörű vonalvezetésének köszönhetően ajánljuk a Plinius P10 / Kaitaki páros mellé.

Regisztrációval elérhető azonnali kedvezmények:

250 eFt felett 5 % | 500 eFt felett 10 % | 1 MFt felett 12 %

(Kivétel: akciós és bizonyos termékek, valamint a 0 % THM áruhitelre megvásárolni kívánt termékek.)

Kérdése van? + 36 30 670 1767 (munkanapokon: 8-18 óráig). A feltüntetett árak tartalmazzák az ÁFA összegét, azaz bruttó árak!

Termékismertető - Specifikáció

Plinius Toko digital audio player:

DLNA Digital Media Servers

DLNA Digital Media Controllers, DLNA Mobile Digital Media Controllers, UPnP smartphone applications, iPad/iPod applications

24 bit, 192ks/s

FLAC (up to 24/192), LPCM (up to 24/192), AIFF, MP3

10/100 Ethernet

1 x RCA stereo pair
1 x XLR stereo pair

20Hz to 20kHz ±0.2dB

-100dB at rated input level, A Weighted

<0.01% THD at rated input level

1 x RJ45 connector

2V RMS into 10k or higher

Typically 100R

60W 0.22A (53W) Idle

Height: 105mm (4")
Width: 450mm (17 3/4")
Depth: 400mm (15 3/4")
Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

Network Input
The RJ45 connector allows network connection for playback of digital music over a home network. Network input was chosen as the most suitable way to transfer digital audio due to ease of setup, ability for wireless communication and advantages over S/PDIF and USB.

Burr Brown DAC
The DAC and interface receiver are high performance Burr Brown components with a proven record of quality digital sound reproduction.
The chosen DAC allows playback of popular file types up to 24bit/192ks/s.

Multiple File Capability
Playback is supported for FLAC, MP3, AIFF and LPCM

DLNA Compatible
By working within these guidelines the unit is capable of interfacing to a number of different home network devices.

Compact Disc Slot
Primarily designed as a network player, a compact disc transport is also on board to allow playback of standard CD’s

RC5 input
The RC5 input allows for connection to wired remote interfaces so it can be used as part of an automated system, or if it is required to be located out of the line of sight from a standard remote.

WBT and Neutrik Connectors
High quality WBT RCA and Neutrik XLR output connectors ensure a high performance, low distortion interface between your cables and the player.

Auricap capacitors
Audience AV supply the Auricap XO capacitors used in key areas of the circuit. The Auricap was chosen for its superior clarity and dynamic ability.

Aluminium Construction
The aluminium chassis, lid and panels provide a non-magnetic housing to eliminate unwanted magnetic fields that can interfere with the sensitive audio signals.

Toko Digital Audio Player
The Toko digital audio player is equally at home with a conventional CD in its slot loaded transport or when connected to an Ethernet network, you can connect the Toko to your other DLNA compatible components, for example a P.C.
The quality CD slot loading transport used on the Toko is the same as that used in the Mauri CD player. When a CD is in the slot the Toko acts as a CD player and when it is ejected the Toko reverts to networked digital player mode.
When in networked player mode wireless or wired Ethernet communication is used for transmission of both music files and control signals. When using the CD player a traditional Plinius remote control can be used to control the CD functions, or if an approved remote IR blaster is in the room the remote control display on the Plinius Aratki app on an iPad can take over those functions.
With distinctive styling, benchmark build quality and stunning sound the Toko is a great addition to the other traditional components in your music system.
Popular files types such as FLAC, LPCM, AIFF, ALAC and MP3 are all catered for. Gapless Playback is also supported.