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Plinius Reference A-300 (RA-300) high end végerősítő / végfok
Plinius Reference A-300 (RA-300) high end végerősítő / végfok
13 000 000 Ft

Plinius Reference A-300 (RA-300) high end végerősítő / végfok

A Plinius közel 40 év tapasztalattal rendelkezik High End erősítők fejlesztésében, amit az erősítők által nyert számos nívós elismerés is tükröz. A Plinius Reference A-300 (RA-300) high end végerősítő / végfok valóban egy csúcskategóriás sztereó végfok, ami kifinomult hangjának és gyönyörű vonalvezetésének köszönhetően mindenképpen kerüljön fel a bakancslistára high end végerősítő vásárlásakor.

Általános információk:

A megrendelés menetéről érdeklődjön!
A megrendelés menetéről érdeklődjön!
13 000 000 Ft
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Plinius Reference A-300 (RA-300) high end végerősítő / végfok tulajdonságai:

Plinius végfokok


Reference A-300 Power Amplifier

Plinius has always had a reputation for building pure powerful amplifiers that will drive any speaker, are built to last and look simply stunning. The Reference A-300 continues that great tradition with its new sophisticated external styling that simply oozes power.

The Reference A-300 is the pinnacle of the Plinius Range. It’s designed to take advantage of every aspect of the Reference M-10 preamplifier’s sophisticated circuitry and drive the finest high-end speakers with finesse.

The ‘Reference’ aesthetic retains enough of Plinius’ distinctive styling to remind you of its origins but makes a new statement that these pieces demonstrate continuing evolution in our drive to deliver the whole experience of being immersed in music.


300 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms

1000 watts RMS into 8 ohms

20Hz to 20kHz ±0.5dB -3dB at 70kHz

<0.05% THD at rated power

100A short duration peak per channel Fuse protected

Typically 5s

100dB below rated output 20Hz to 20kHz A weighted

47k ohms

RCA Inputs: 32dB, Balanced Inputs: 38dB

1400W, 4.8A (1100W) Class A Idle, 0.8A (184W) Class AB Idle/Standby

Height: 285mm (11.25")
Width: 510mm (20")
Depth: 550mm (21.75")
Weight: 57kg (125lbs)


Class A/Class AB operation
In Class A distortion is minimised for ultimate sonic performance. In Class AB, performance is still exceptional but power consumption and heat output are reduced.


Amplifier Configuration Selector (ACS) switch
The rear panel ACS switch allows for the amplifier to be configured for Stereo RCA, Bridged Mono RCA, Stereo XLR or Bridged Mono XLR modes. In Bridged Mono mode, the amplifier operates in true balanced configuration from input to output.


Ecologic Control
The amplifier can automatically switch from Class A to Class AB when unused after a listening session. This user adjustable feature is set to 30 minutes during manufacture and can also be switched off entirely.


Remote Trigger Input
When connected to a preamplifier trigger output, the amplifier will switch out of Mute and into Class A Mode ready for use when the preamplifier is taken out of standby.


Ground Lift Switch
This allows for the signal ground to be isolated from the main chassis earth. This can assist in resolving unwanted ground loops or hum due to duplicate ground paths in some systems.


WBT and Neutrik Connectors
High quality WBT RCA and Neutrik XLR input connectors are fitted along with WBT output speaker terminals to ensure a low distortion interface between your cables and the amplifier.


Auricap Capacitors
Audience AV supply the Auricap XO capacitors used in key areas of the circuit. The Auricap was chosen for its superior clarity and dynamic ability.


Siltech Wiring
Siltech premium 'G7'silver/gold wire provides a perfect connection between components to give clear, fast and detailed presentation of the music signal.


Aluminium Construction
The aluminium construction provides a rigid non-magnetic housing to eliminate unwanted magnetic fields that can interfere with the sensitive audio signals.