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Neat Acoustics is based in Teesdale in the North of England. Founded by Bob Surgeoner, the company has been engaged in the design & manufacture of loudspeakers since 1989. As a self-taught musician, Bob has spent most of his life playing music in a variety of different styles, such as blues, rock, jazz, folk, country and bluegrass – even punk rock. He’s also pursued a parallel interest in electronics since childhood and this passion for music-making continues to drive his enthusiasm for the reproduction of recorded music. Other key employees of the company also have musical interests as musicians, performers, or in sound engineering & recording. Over the last twenty seven years Neat Acoustics has established a reputation for consistent products and high levels of customer support around the world, currently supplying loudspeakers to over thirty five countries.


Neat believe that music should dictate the design of a loudspeaker, and music is their main tool. All aspects of the design are assessed empirically by ear. Measurements aren’t allowed to influence decisions about the performance of the speakers during the design process. This time-consuming iterative process can take months – or even years – to arrive at a point where a design is considered ready for public consumption. A wide variety of recorded music is used in listening sessions during product development, reflecting the designers’ eclectic tastes. These range from 78rpm recordings dating back to the early 1900s through to state of the art modern recordings, as well recordings made by the Neat team on analogue tape and digital media. Experience over more than 25 years has shown that this approach has consistently produced loudspeakers which convincingly reveal the heart and soul of the music. This underlying musical integrity is common to all Neat models.


Bob has always been an advocate of compound (iso-baric) bass loading and Neat’s first iso-baric venture came in 1997 in the form of a passively driven subwoofer, the Gravitas, which served as a modular upgrade to the Petite loudspeaker. The iso-baric system operates by mounting an additional woofer behind the one mounted on the front panel. Both woofers receive the same signal from the crossover network. The chamber between these two units is sealed, so that there is a constant pressure within the chamber and the internal woofer acts as a ‘brake’ on the front woofer – and vice versa. The key advantage of this system is that the cone of the front woofer is effectively controlled by two voice coils, resulting in very controlled bass performance. Another useful benefit is that the internal woofer behaves as if it were in an enclosure with twice its actual volume, therefore increasing bass extension.