Neat Acoustics Motive SX

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Motive – Overview
The Motive range was introduced in 2005 and revamped in 2013.
The key objectives of the Motive range are:
1) To deliver exceptional performance from compact and attractive contemporary cabinets.
2) Easy-to-drive designs with a consistent and coherent sound across the range.
3) High standard of AV/multi-channel performance.

The Motive range was a significant development for Neat as it marked the entry into the more mainstream market which was largely dominated by much bigger manufacturers. A new tweeter was developed for this range, loosely based on the inverted titanium dome used in the original Ultimatum models. This tweeter offers a very detailed, uncompressed performance and gives the Motive models a level of dynamic and micro-dynamic insight unrivalled at its price point.

The entire Motive range was revised to the ‘SX’ status in 2013 using an improved version of the NMT tweeter – the SXT. The SXT tweeter employs the same massive magnet system, but with an anodised aluminium dome replacing the previous titanium dome. The crossovers, tuning and internals have also been updated, resulting in a wide-ranging improvement in all-round performance.