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Focal hangfalat keres? Segítünk a megfelelő Focal hangfal kiválasztásában, az Ön igényeihez igazodva. Szívesen látjuk egy előre egyeztetett időpontban vagy kérje egyedi Focal hangfal ajánlatunkat! Bemutatótermünkben számos olyan Focal hangfal típust megtalál, melyet egy helyen, egy időben kizárólag nálunk hallgathat meg, így lehetősége nyílik olyan audiophile és high end Focal hangfalak meghallgatására is, amire más szaküzletekben nincs lehetősége.

Reprezentatív FOCAL hangfal kategóriánkban a különböző Chorus, Aria, Electra hangsugárzók ár szerint növekvő sorrendben kerültek megjelenítésre, így a bevezető alatt megtalálhatja a kategóriában található összes Focal Chorus, Aria, Electra hangsugárzót ár szerint növekvő sorrendben. Amennyiben még nem biztos a megvásárolni kívánt hangfal típusát illetően, tekintse meg Focal hangsugárzó teszt válogatásunkat, hiszen a "Hírek" box-ban összegyűjtöttük a különböző szakosodott oldalak hangfal teszt megjelenéseit. A kategóriában található Focal Chorus, Aria, Electra hangfalak árai vásárlás esetén természetesen bruttó árak.


A Focal márkáról
FOCAL egy igazán különös helyet foglal a hangszórógyártók közül. Azon kevés gyártó közé tartazik, aki valóban saját maga végzi a termékei gyártását egy dél-franciaországi üzemben, Saint-Étienne nevű városban.
FOCAL gyártja és forgalmazza az autós hangszórókat, a hangsugárzókat a home audio rendszerekhez és a professzionális hifi piac számára. A céget 1980-ban Jacques Mahul alapította és azóta is ő vezeti.

FOCAL céget nem a marketingszakemberek vagy kereskedők irányítják, ami manapság ritkaságnak számít. A cég munkatársainak a zene a szenvedélyük, ragaszkodnak a részletekhez és a hangzás csúcsminőségéhez, büszkék a termékeikre. A legtöbb autós hangszóró-márka nem gyártja önállóan a termékeket, amelyket kínál a vásárlóknak. A saját nevük alatt hozzák forgalomba mások által gyártott termékeket. FOCAL esetében olyan cégről beszélünk, amely saját maga dönti, mit gyárt és kínál az ügyfeleinek.

Classic Collection
The Classic Collection fully represents all of Focal’s expertise, that of the traditional loudspeaker. This collection revolves around three fundamental values which have made Focal so successful: Tradition, Technologies and Made in France.

An historic tradition of high-fidelity and Home Cinema systems, where each component of the "chain" (the amplifier, the sources, the cables, and naturally, the loudspeakers) has been chosen with passion taking into account precious advice from experts.

These are also technological loudspeakers, as each line of this collection explores solutions which are innovative, exclusive and protected by numerous patents in order to ensure we have the best loudspeaker possible in all categories.

Finally, Focal loudspeakers are designed and manufactured by audiophiles at our various production sites in France. The facility in Burgundy manufactures our high-end cabinets, and the production site in Saint-Etienne produces the tweeters, the speaker drivers, and carries out the final assembly of our loudspeakers. From the Grande Utopia EM, considered an ultimate reference worldwide, to the small Chorus 706, each of Focal’s loudspeakers is created and manufactured with the same expertise by the same teams of specialists.

Utopia III is a reference loudspeaker line, a timeless icon which incarnates the luxury and the values of the brand, and excellence in all its aspects. Extravagant by essence, compromises are out of the question and the finishes are fully customisable. The Grande Utopia story started in 1995 with a major innovation: the "W" composite sandwich cone. It went on in 2002 with the Grande Utopia Be that introduced the pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Other important inventions distinguished those two reference loudspeakers, which are still existing in the 2008 Grande Utopia. But nothing that can be compared to the "W" sandwich or the Beryllium, showcase of Focal’s know-how, Focal, designer and manufacturer of the best drivers in the world. The 2008 technological break concerns once again the driver - at the heart of Focal’s know-how - with the Electro-Magnet woofer technology. Such a decisive step that it gives its name to this third generation of Grande Utopia. It’s a new milestone that is added to the long list of innovations coming from the previous generations of Grande Utopia: "W" cone, Focus Time, Multiferrite, Beryllium, Power Flower, OPC, Gamma Structure, all Utopia’s patrimony is taken up in its entirety, enriched with new technologies. To preserve this heritage, the 2008 Grande Utopia had to be immediately visually identifiable, keeping its imposing aspect of a reference loudspeaker, without being massive. To reach our first goal, we kept the Focus Time structure and the separate blocks for each driver, the true aesthetic signature of the Grande Utopia. To lighten the shape, the delimitation between the blocks is more important. Simplifying the object in the extreme and eliminating what could be aesthetically superfluous. Handed over to Pineau & Le Porcher agency, with which Focal-JMlab has been collaborating since 2003, the Grande Utopia EM’s design is all purity and clarity - obvious. That’s a truly amazing feat for a loudspeaker that now reaches 78" (2m) high and weights 573lbs (260kg)…

Sopra is the new epitome of today’s high-end loudspeaker: compact, modern and very high-tech. This line is expanding with more and more exceptional new models being launched with one unique goal: to bring High-End audio into your living room! At Focal, innovation doesn’t stop at technology. We’re obsessed with the comprehensive result: a harmonically rich, lush sound; a transparent and precise reproduction of the musical work. Still, we’ve never lost track of our core expertise, loudspeaker drivers, the very stepping stones along the path to great sound. The original Grande Utopia was designed in 1995 as a prototype to apply and validate new speaker technologies. Twenty years later, Utopia is undeniably a worldwide reference, praised for its incredible musicality. We continue to learn and to progress by systematically putting our research into development, to evaluate distinct contributions by listening to them in practice. Every innovation – from cone materials ("W" Composite Sandwich Cone and Inverted Dome Beryllium), to magnets (multi-ferrite magnet, EM woofer, and "IAL" 2 tweeter), to crossovers (OCP+ circuit), and even to cabinets (Gamma Structure) plays a role in our technological legacy. Fittingly, we may draw on this legacy whenever it is feasible to improve our technology and to set new benchmarks. We most recently reaped its rewards with the Sopra project, a reasonably compact and elegant incarnation of many of the innovations that, until now, had only been realized in the uncompromising Utopia. As you shall discover in these pages, Sopra incorporates several major technological breakthroughs. It’s still possible to advance the state of the art of speaker driver technology with digital analysis capable of revealing the subtlest performance aspects, and enabling us to improve the transparency, precision, and harmonic richness of sound reproduction… "The Spirit of Sound".

Electra 1000 Be 2 is the historic Premium line which integrates the best of Focal technologies, which are often taken from the Utopia III line. This line of high-performance loudspeakers with a classic design has been enhanced by two new finishes. The Electra 1000 line was founded on an obvious fact: to make the heritage, technologies and performance once reserved for Utopia more accessible… on an economic level of course but not only. We wanted to create a high-end line of loudspeakers in harmony with the integration requirements in the nowadays interiors, compact, attractive, sleek and balanced at the same time. We added an "object" dimension to our high-end line that entirely became a decoration element, while our technologic patrimony is maintained to tend towards very high-end sound definition... We entrusted our ideas and innovations to the Parisian design agency Pineau & Le Porcher, who sketched the entire silhouette in order to combine style and performance. This line hasn’t stopped evolving over the years, first in terms of technology, with a new tweeter and new settings to achieve a new sound when it became the Electra 1000 Be 2, and now yet again, in terms of design, with the addition of two new finishes. In the end, this is a complete line made for high-fidelity and Home Cinema, easy to install and to use, a true emotion-provider with its sophisticated aesthetics and its stunning performance.

Aria 900 is our mid-range line of loudspeakers. This line asserts itself through its innovative Flax sandwich cone speaker drivers and its conservative yet modern design enhanced by the new White High Gloss finish. This line is the very essence of the Affordable High-End. Twenty years after the launch of the "W" sandwich cone, Focal is unveiling its new major innovation: speaker drivers with the same sandwich structure, but composed of a natural flax-fibre cone. This innovation is the result of more than 5 years of research and a unique drive to work on the actual source of the emission of sound. This constant quest for acoustic excellence gave birth to Aria 900, a range which prefigures the radical technological changes
and which launches a design combining elegant classicism and modernity. Aria 900 marks a new milestone for Focal and a new chapter in high-fidelity technology. Designed and made in France, the range features brand-new speaker drivers with Flax sandwich cones, new TNF Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeters with Poron suspension, injected zamak baskets, carefully designed cabinets and crossovers: nothing has been spared when it comes to maximising listening pleasure for well-informed music lovers. Aria 900 offers a clean, simple and timeless design combining mineral and natural materials. The cabinets of this Aria 900 line are available in Walnut, Black High Gloss and White High Gloss finishes. All the cabinets feature a glass surface and a leather-finished front panel. This design exudes style and quality, helping it to blend in perfectly with traditional or more contemporary interiors. The vast range of Aria 900 products is ideal for stereo and Home Cinema audio systems. The two 8" (21cm) woofers of the 948 model mark a return to true expressive and dynamic high-fidelity loudspeakers.

The 4th generation of Chorus 700 remains faithful to the core concepts of the line: affordability and remarkable sound potential. Its design has been given a more modern look and smoother curves. The finishes are also constantly being updated to keep up to speed with current trends, such as with the Whitestyle finish in particular. Reinvention without repetition, continuous progress and opening up to new horizons, that is our leitmotiv! Focal has set itself a new challenge with the Chorus range: making Focal’s quality, sound and technologies available to the masses. Thanks to our technical know-how and to the industrial expertise which we have acquired over the last 30 years, we are able to offer to music lovers a fourth generation of Chorus 700 loudspeakers which stand up to the reputation of this range which has become a benchmark in its category. Today, recognised and renowned worldwide, the Chorus line is complete and fulfilled. It represents Focal’s control of the whole design process as well as the manufacturing quality of their products. It takes advantage of the considerable technological advances developed for the world renown benchmark product, the Utopia III: inverted dome tweeter, OPC crossovers... Most of all, it confirms that more than ever, in order to manufacture affordable products, investments are required in a high-performance production tool which is based on essential human intervention as well as rational industrialisation. Whilst keeping the DNA of previous models in the Chorus range, the new generation of Chorus 700 loudspeakers offers a design and quality which stands up to the expectations of today’s music lovers: remarkable audio performance combined with increased perceived value and elegance.

Crucial element of any Home Cinema system, the subwoofer provides sweep and depth to our multichannel audio visual experience. To do so, we offer a product range with all our historic expertise, covering a wide range of uses and design.

The Classic Collection, six different universes for discovering our philosophy "the Spirit of Sound".

Focal, the Spirit of Sound...
Since 1979, Focal has designed, developed and manufactured speaker drivers and loudspeakers. Our renown is international: that of a market leader in the segment of quality acoustic loudspeakers.

Over the years, the succession of numerous mythical models and prestigious lines has contributed to building an increasing success. Then came the highlight of the era: three successive generations of Grande Utopia, whose echo resonated all over the world, no doubt classifying Focal as a leader in terms of innovation. Indeed, as we believe pushing back the limits to be the only way to innovate, everything which seems impossible represents a new challenge for us.

Pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, exclusive "Flax" and "W" sandwich cones, Polyglass cone, OPC+ crossover, Focus Time cabinet, "IAL" tweeter and more recently, "TMD" suspension, "NIC" magnetic circuits and "IHL" tweeter, are all answers to these new challenges.

Our desire is to uphold the tradition where human intervention plays an essential role in the industrialisation of our products, applying Focal’s expertise to the entire manufacturing process, from the assembly of the speaker drivers to the final testing of our loudspeakers.

Our goal is to offer products which provide a unique audio experience and exceptional listening pleasure,
where technology is put to the service of music to reveal its every slightest detail and subtlety.

For more than 35 years, Innovation, Tradition, Performance and Pleasure have been our historic values which characterise "The Spirit of Sound".

As part of its constant drive to innovate and provide the very best in sound quality, Focal is launching 5.1 packs Home Cinema, which meet the expectations of even the most demanding cinema lovers! Visually appealing, compact and capable of being seamlessly installed in any decor, these customized packs provide a sound quality in keeping with the high-definition images of modern media, giving you an astonishingly powerful and high-quality sound experience in your own home. The packs are the product of Focal’s unique expertise in acoustics: each speaker has been meticulously designed and carefully tuned by our engineers.

The speakers in the Home Cinema range were developed using the same procedure as our most advanced speakers, with the sole purpose of ensuring they embody the Focal “Spirit of Sound”.

The Home Cinema range is based on research done by Focal, which led to the creation of favourites such as Sib, Dôme and our latest invention, Bird. All of these are genuine high-fidelity speakers. They are furthermore designed to be able to be installed in any home setup. Whether wall- or ceiling-mounted or placed on an item of furniture, they will perfectly blend into your interior design, thanks to their sleek design and modern finish.

The size and composition of these packs are all designed to reproduce the soundtracks to your favourite movies and are tailored precisely to your listening space, both in In addition to our various satellite speakers, we also offer three subwoofers from which to choose, based on personal requirements. First, the Cub3 is an example of a classic Focal subwoofer. Second, the Sub Air offers increased freedom and ease of use thanks to its wireless connection. Finally, the Dôme subwoofer’s unique design and premium material and manufacturing add to its appeal.

The combination of these details means that Home Cinema packs from Focal guarantee faithful reproduction of the "Spirit Of Sound" for the enjoyment of cinema and music at home.

For over 30 years Focal has been developing and manufacturing loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for the car, monitor speakers for recording studios and more recently headphones. Market leader in High-Fidelity, Focal’s wolrdwide reputation is well known: our brand is recognised everywhere for its sound quality and its numerous technological innovations.

Between acoustic excellence and new trends…
With 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of speaker drivers and hi-fi loudspeakers, Focal has also been displaying its expertise in new ways to listen to music in recent years. This is the DNA of the New Media Collection: while its design and miniaturization are different from the usual form of our traditional loudspeakers, the heart of the product, the authenticity of the sound, the quest for excellence, are exactly the same...

Focal has always focused all its attention on the reproduction of a textured and rich sound. Our unique know-how, our many patented technological innovations, the use of specific materials: all of these components are symbols of the attention we pay down to the smallest details. Details that enable us to better manage all of the factors that influence sound quality. Controlling the mass, rigidity and damping provides our cones with strong acceleration and low distortion. The result is dynamic real and natural sound that is unique to Focal, and a major asset in terms of responding to the demands of audiophiles and other music lovers.

At the same time, the music world has undergone many changes in recent years. Access to music is easier than ever with files going digital. The trend towards miniaturization has opened the door to new players, the "plug & play" solutions are buzzing all around, sources are many and wireless, and TVs are becoming sources in their own right. In short, uses evolve and music is everywhere, at the flick of a switch. In this context, Focal decided to integrate these new ways of listening into its range, including miniaturization of speakers, but without compromising the quality of the music, which forms a core part of our values. This challenge required the expertise of our enthusiastic engineers and gave rise to the New Media Collection: multimedia wireless speakers, mini Home Cinema systems and satellites, subwoofers or even headphones all have the characteristic of a tailor-made design and with great ease of use and integration.

The New Media Focal are products adapted to new uses, to which we applied the formulas that have made our classic ranges a success to bring out real hi-fi products and to remain true to our values while satisfying our customers of today and tomorrow.

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