Dynaudio Excite

Dynaudio Excite hangfalat keres? Segítünk a megfelelő Dynaudio hangfal kiválasztásában, az Ön igényeihez igazodva. Szívesen látjuk egy előre egyeztetett időpontban vagy kérje Dynaudio Excite hangfal ajánlatunkat! Bemutatótermünkben számos olyan Dynaudio hangfal típust megtalál, melyet egy helyen, egy időben kizárólag nálunk hallgathat meg, így lehetősége nyílik olyan audiophile és high end Dynaudio hangfalak meghallgatására is, amire más szaküzletekben nincs lehetősége.

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Reprezentatív Dynaudio Excite hangfal kategóriánkban az Excite X14, Excite X14a, Excite X18, Excite X34, Excite X38, Excite X44, Excite X24C, Excite X28C hangfalak ár szerint nővekvő sorrendben kerültek megjelenítésre, így a bevezető alatt megtalálhatja a kategóriában található összes Dynaudio Excite hangfalat ár szerint növekvő sorrendben. Amennyiben még nem biztos a megvásárolni kívánt Dynaudio Excite X14, Excite X14a, Excite X18, Excite X34, Excite X38, Excite X44, Excite X24C, Excite X28C hangsugárzót illetően, látogasson el bemutatótermünkbe a tökéletes Dynaudio Excite hangfal - házimozi hangfalszett kiválasztásához.


Dynaudio Excite series
High-end sound quality in a most elegant form factor. The Excite models combine real high-end sound quality with an elegant, slim-line design. The Excite models can be driven quite effortlessly by almost any amplifier due to their amp-friendly design and efficient driver technology. New magnetically-attached front grilles add to the clean appearance while adjustable outrigger spike/damper feet allow the speakers to be perfectly leveled on any flooring surface. Four attractive finishes are available in the Excite range, allowing ideal integration into any room decor. The Rosewood, Walnut and Satin Black Excite models are supplied with a Black fabric grille, while the Excite in Satin White features a light Grey grille. White grilles are available optionally.

Dynaudio Excite X44
Our new flagship in the Excite range. A floor standing loudspeaker with a deep (27 Hz - 3dB) authoritative and accurate bass response, but also capable of producing an impressive image and sound stage. Balance, finesse, power and control: the X44 is the new flagship model of the Excite range. Two newly developed 20 cm Esotec+ woofers with exceptionally powerful magnets deliver extreme power and superior bass extension. Along with the large X44 cabinet volume, a very deep (27 Hz - 3dB), authoritative, yet accurate bass response is achieved.

The state-of-the-art Esotec+ soft dome tweeter with precision coating and extremely powerful magnet system ensure that the highest levels of detail and resolution and a well-balanced, extremely refined high frequency playback are on offer. The firstclass Esotec+ mid-range driver with MSP cone and powerful magnet delivers a rich, accurate mid-range with natural vocals. As the largest loudspeaker in the Excite range, the X44 is positioned significantly above the X38, and is ideal for anyone who desires maximum bass performance, either because they have a large room, or because they simply wish to experience the most powerful music reproduction.

The X44 excels not only in the bass, but also impresses with its speed, detail, precise imaging and amazing sound staging capabilities. Effortlessly detailed, incredibly dynamic, with excellent sound radiation, the X44 astounds as a most refined loudspeaker that will perform without peer in its class.

Dynaudio Excite X38
The Excite X38 provides a deep, powerful and vibrant sound quality, even in larger spaces. The Excite model X38 utilizes two 18cm diameter woofers featuring characteristic Dynaudio driver technologies, including: lightweight but rigid MSP cone membranes, extraordinarily large 75mm diameter aluminium voice coils with powerful center magnet systems, and high-strength die-cast aluminium frames. That’s how the X38 achieves its resounding bass, thrilling dynamics and incredible control.

The midrange driver also utilizes MSP, thus ensuring a seamless integration with the woofers, while the tweeter’s coated fabric dome guarantees the finest resolution and high frequency detail. With its meticulously selected crossover components and optimized dispersion characteristics, the X38 combines its energetic, dynamic presentation with a remarkably balanced, three-dimensional portrayal of the recording.

The extensively braced cabinet is available in a choice of fine natural wood veneer or satin lacquer finishes, while the removable cloth grille is discretely secured via concealed magnets. A notable feature is the integrated outrigger feet: depending on the flooring surface, the X38 can stand on four resonance-absorbing rubber feet or four height-adjustable retractable spikes.

Dynaudio Excite X34
Slimline design that fascinates with a distinguished presentation: The X34 is an elegant high-end floorstanding loudspeaker whose sheer sonic output and incredibly three-dimensional soundstage belies its modest dimensions. The Excite X34 is a particularly discreet loudspeaker, measuring less than 95 cm tall and only 17 cm wide, but its dual MSP mid/woofers, coated soft dome tweeter and special dispersion character convey an unmistakably high-end sound quality. With its extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils and greater driver membrane radiating area and larger enclosure volume than a compact speaker, it can produce a deep, powerful bass response even in spacious rooms.

Precise fine-tuning of the crossover yields an optimized dispersion, which furher enables an incredibly accurate, three-dimensional presentation of the recording. The X34 is also extremely amplifier-friendly due to its ultra-linear 8 Ohm impedance. The exquisitely finished cabinet includes a cloth grille secured by concealed magnets, and featues a particularly smart base construction: on hardwood floors, the X34 can stand on four resonance-absorbing feet, while four adjustable integrated spikes may be used to achieve a perfect foundation on carpeted surfaces.

Dynaudio Excite X18
Substantial sound and formidable power in a compact bookshelf speaker. The Excite X18 is a relatively compact bookshelf loudspeaker with a substantial sound and formidable power, continuing the longstanding Dynaudio tradition of excellent compact loudspeaker designs. Positioned above the revered X14 model, the new, larger X18 excels with great dynamic range, extending deeper in the bass while delivering an expansive soundstage with exceptional accuracy and a most natural tonal balance. Powerful bass despite a compact cabinet volume.

The first class Esotec+ woofer with black Kapton voice coil former and extremely powerful magnet system yields a highly neutral sonic character with refined midrange detail and powerful, accurate bass reproduction. The state-of-the-art Esotec+ soft dome tweeter with precision coating and an especially strong magnet achieves the most detailed resolution and an expressive, well-balanced, and incredibly refined high frequency playback. Impressive performance capabilities, highlighted by its detailed high frequency resolution, incredible transparency, powerful dynamics and remarkably deep bass extension make the X18 ideal for small to medium sized rooms and simply one of the finest compact loudspeakers Dynaudio has ever developed.

Dynaudio Excite X14
Ultra-compact but undeniably high-end: The X14 brings an extraordinary level of sophistication and refinement to the compact loudspeaker category. The X14 is the most compact Excite model yet delivers true high-end sound quality to any system by virtue of its long-excursion mid/woofer, refined soft dome tweeter and first-class crossover components. The exquisite sonic balance, underscored by an unbelievably deep, fast and perfectly controlled bass response is a rarity in this price class. A Dynaudio specialty plays a major role: extremely lightweight aluminium voicecoils and exceptionally large, powerful magnet systems are utilized in the X14 tweeters and mid/woofers.

The music signal reproduced is graced with incredible precision, dynamics and accuracy. Moreover, the X14 is easy to drive with a wide range of amplifiers due to the amp-friendly, extremely linear 4 Ohm impedance. The beautifully-crafted cabinet is equally refined: exquisite natural wood or satin lacquer finishes enoble the rigid, solid enclosure while the minimal distance between tweeter and mid/woofer serves to improve timing and phase. The Dynaudio Stand 3X speaker stands, SF1 speaker feet, and assorted wall mount brackets are perfect accessories available for optimizing placement of the Excite X14.

Dynaudio - The History

Every forward-thinking company also likes to look back on an accomplished past. So do we. Each Dynaudio loudspeaker has been developed to offer the highest level of quality in its class while featuring exquisite finishes.

The first Dynaudio loudspeakers were a revelation when they premiered. True technological innovations were concealed inside the classically shaped, unusually solid real-wood veneer cabinets hand-crafted in Denmark.

These ground-breaking innovations were clearly ahead of their time: Phase and transient response research was a sound-relevant field completely ignored by other manufacturers. Dynaudio’s research verified, against common belief, that a linear frequency response was not the only parameter defining a good loudspeaker. Ideal timing and dynamic characteristics were deemed equally as important by Dynaudio.

In 1977, the company’s P-Series implemented some of these findings, and in the early 1980’s the Dynaudio 80, 100, and 200 models brought the Dynaudio R&D efforts to life. The young company’s early era was crowned in 1983 when a true loudspeaker milestone was born: The Consequence. Available by special request to this day, this no-compromise statement loudspeaker is not only highly respected for its incredible sound quality, but it is also one of the world’s best-selling high-end loudspeakers ever.

The Dynaudio Compound series was another technical milestone. It featured extraordinary innovations like a second, internal bass driver and an acoustic airflow resistor called a Variovent. Additionally, the finish of the real-wood cabinets, made at Dynaudio’s own cabinet works in Urhoj, Denmark, reached a furniture-grade quality level that was entirely exceptional and rare.

In 1989, Dynaudio presented an extraordinary research project: What could be achieved by integrating only the very best drivers, materials, and components, but in a small cabinet? The answer was the Special One – the very first truly high-end compact monitor. A similar concept, but incorporating new and more advanced drivers, was behind the development of the legendary Contour 1.3 SE.

It soon became the benchmark for other companies, and even today it remains synonymous with the ideal of a classic high-end stand-mounted speaker. The Contour series was one of the most successful audiophile loudspeaker lines, underscored by the fact that first generation models were sold for over 15 years before the range was updated.

During this same period, one of the first design-oriented high-end loudspeakers was born: the distinctively shaped Dynaudio Facette. Dynaudio entered another new market for the first time in the 90’s: The Audience series models were more affordable, but without any compromises in sound quality. The following two Audience series generations also marked the entry into the realm of Dynaudio sound quality, while representing the pinnacle of value and performance in their class.

At the end of the century, Dynaudio presented the most ambitious, most advanced loudspeaker of the company’s history: The Evidence. Never before had a loudspeaker come this close to musical authenticity. The Evidence was soon widely regarded as the best loudspeaker in the world. Even today, it remains the reference standard for many hi-fi magazines.

A new chapter of the Dynaudio story began in 2002: The innovative Confidence series embodies a new sound architecture, combining the completely new Esotar² driver technology and a distinctive, slim-line design. A special cabinet is also characteristic of the second generation Contour series that followed, as this range employs a resonance-damping, metal-reinforced baffle to provide excellent performance even at the highest volumes. In 2005, Dynaudio introduced today’s most successful range – the Focus series.

It features further improved drive units but has a more classic and traditional yet still contemporary hi-fi loudspeaker shape. The two Dynaudio anniversary models, the highly acclaimed 25th anniversary model introduced in 2002, the Special Twenty-Five, and 2007’s strictly limited Sapphire 30th anniversary version, are a bit more exclusive and rare.

Dynaudio has expanded its model range and technological variety even further with the MC15 Multimedia division loudspeaker and the slender new Excite series, which offers improved compatibility with modern audio and video systems, allowing for a truly high-end listening experience in a wide range of home entertainment systems.