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Dynaudio Excite 5.0 házimozi hangfalszett (X38 + X18 + X28)

Dynaudio Excite 5.0 házimozi hangfalszett (X38 + X18 + X28)
Dynaudio Excite 5.0 házimozi hangfalszett (X38 + X18 + X28)
Dynaudio Excite 5.0 házimozi hangfalszett (X38 + X18 + X28)
Dynaudio Excite 5.0 házimozi hangfalszett (X38 + X18 + X28)

Dynaudio Excite 5.0 házimozi hangfalszett, mely egy pár X38-as hangsugárzóból, egy pár X18-as hangsugárzóból és az X28-as centersugárzóból áll, mely szettben megvásárolva kedvezőbb áron elérhető.

Regisztrációval elérhető azonnali kedvezmények:

250 eFt felett 5 % | 500 eFt felett 10 % | 1 MFt felett 12 %

(Kivétel: akciós és bizonyos termékek.)

Kérdése van? + 36 30 670 1767 (munkanapokon: 8-18 óráig).

A feltüntetett árak tartalmazzák az ÁFA összegét, azaz bruttó árak!


Hivatalos garancia :
1 575 000 Ft
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A Dynaudio Excite 5.0 hangfalszett tartalma:


A Dynaudio Excite 5.0 hangfalszett műszaki adatait lásd a képek között!


A gyártó leírása, eredeti nyelven:

High-end sound quality in a most elegant form factor
The Excite models combine real high-end sound quality with an elegant, slim-line design. The Excite models can be driven quite effortlessly by almost any amplifier due to their amp-friendly design and efficient driver technology.
New magnetically-attached front grilles add to the clean appearance while adjustable outrigger spike/damper feet allow the speakers to be perfectly leveled on any flooring surface.
Four attractive finishes are available in the Excite range, allowing ideal integration into any room decor. The Rosewood, Walnut and Satin Black Excite models are supplied with a Black fabric grille, while the Excite in Satin White features a light Grey grille. White grilles are available optionally.

  • Elegant slim-line design
  • Amp-friendly driver technology
  • Long-throw woofer design
  • Coated soft dome tweeters
  • Height-adjustable spike feet


The mother of all bass: X38
More sound volume, more detail, more high-end: The Excite X38 achieves a deep, powerful and vibrant sound quality, even in larger spaces. The Excite flagship model X38 utilizes two 18cm diameter woofers featuring characteristic Dynaudio driver technologies, including: lightweight but rigid MSP cone membranes, extraordinarily large 75mm diameter aluminium voice coils with powerful center magnet systems, and high-strength die-cast aluminium frames. That’s how the X38 achieves its resounding bass, thrilling dynamics and incredible control. The midrange driver also utilizes MSP, thus ensuring a seamless integration with the woofers, while the tweeter’s coated fabric dome guarantees the finest resolution and high frequency detail. With its meticulously selected crossover components and optimized dispersion characteristics, the X38 combines its energetic, dynamic presentation with a remarkably balanced, three-dimensional portrayal of the recording. The extensively braced cabinet is available in a choice of fine natural wood veneer or satin lacquer finishes, while the removable cloth grille is discretely secured via concealed magnets. A notable feature is the integrated feet: depending on the flooring surface, the X38 can stand on four resonance-absorbing rubber feet or four heightadjustable spikes.


X18 The next classic.
The Excite X18 is a relatively compact bookshelf loudspeaker with a substantial sound and formidable power, continuing the longstanding Dynaudio tradition of excellent compact loudspeaker designs. Positioned above the revered X14 model, the new, larger X18 excels with great dynamic range, extending deeper in the bass while delivering an expansive soundstage with exceptional accuracy and a most natural tonal balance. Powerful bass despite a compact cabinet volume. The first class Esotec+ woofer with black Kapton voice coil former and extremely powerful magnet system yields a highly neutral sonic character with refined midrange detail and powerful, accurate bass reproduction. The state-of-the-art Esotec+ soft dome tweeter with precision coating and an especially strong magnet achieves the most detailed resolution and an expressive, well-balanced, and incredibly refined high frequency playback. Impressive performance capabilities, highlighted by its detailed high frequency resolution, incredible transparency, powerful dynamics and remarkably deep bass extension make the X18 ideal for small to medium sized rooms and simply one of the finest compact loudspeakers Dynaudio has ever developed.


Dynaudio Excite X14, X18, X34, X38, X44 és X24 hangfalak

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