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Dynaudio Contour 60 High End álló hangfal - Walnut Satin
Dynaudio Contour 60i High End álló hangfal - Walnut Wood
4 000 000 Ft

Dynaudio Contour 60i High End álló hangfal - Walnut Wood

Dynaudio Contour 60 álló hangfal az ÚJ Dynaudio Contour hangfal család nagyobb álló hangsugárzója, mely high-end minőségben szólaltatja meg kedvenc tartalmait, forrástól.

Általános információk:

Szállítási idő 2-6 hét
Szállítási idő 2-6 hét
4 000 000 Ft
Termékismertető - Specifikáció

Dynaudio Contour 60i hangfal paraméterei:

A Contour 60i a Dynaudio új Contour hangfal családjának nagyobb álló hangsugárzója, amely ötvözi a rendkívüli szintű technikai innovációt a teljesítménnyel, ráadásul mindezt igen kedvező ár/érték arány mellett. Esztétikai szempontból megközelítve a Dynaudio Contour 60i hangfalat, az egyszerűen elegáns dán design és kivételes Dynaudio megépítettségi minőség, míg a hangzás felől megközelítve, az általuk nyújtott hihetetlen dinamika, rendkívüli részletező képesség és az igen jelentős mélytartomány jellemzi. A Dynaudio Contour 60 hangfal szinte bármilyen bármilyen forrásból táplálható, köszönhetően a fejlesztések eredményének. A szakszerűen hangolt basszusreflex nyílása biztosítja, hogy a Dynaudio Contour 60i hangfal képes legyen az alacsony frekvenciás hangok visszaadására és a zenei tartalmak magas minőségű reprodukálására.


Technical specifications

Contour 60i

Sensitivity:88dB (2.83V / 1m)
IEC power handling:390W
Impedance:4 Ω
Frequency response (± 3 dB):28Hz – 23kHz
Box Principle:Bass reflex rear ported
Crossover frequency:300 / 4500Hz
Crossover topology:2nd Order
Woofer:2x 23cm MSP
Midrange:15cm MSP
Tweeter:28mm Esotar2i
Dimensions (W x H x D):255x1330x420mm
Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D):343x1359x454mm



If you have a bigger listening room – or if you just like to play it loud – the Contour 60i, with its unique midrange driver, is your new best friend

Contour 60i sounds bigger than you’d think. Yes, we mean that…


And it isn’t just because it’s a grown-up, full-size, three-way floorstander. Of course it’s capable of outright, neighbour-infuriating volume. It sounds big in other ways too – from the soaring soundstage of a top orchestral recording to the caffeinated surround-sound effects in a movie, Contour 60i simply fills the room – without resorting to bass-heavy bombast along the way.


Starting at the top, you’ll find the jewel in the crown: the all-new Esotar 2i tweeter. We looked at the older Esotar 2 from the 2016 Contour, took it apart and realised we could give it a boost with some tech from our flagship Confidence range (the Hexis) and also our flagship Core professional reference monitor series (the larger rear chamber). Together these clever mods help to reduce unwanted resonances and smooth out the frequency response for even clearer treble performance.


Contour 60i is the only model in the family to have a dedicated midrange driver. It uses an aluminium voice-coil, and also has a neodymium magnet system – all developed and optimised at the Dynaudio Labs in Denmark. It is, in fact, exactly the same midrange driver we used in the 2016 Contour 60. If it ain’t broke…


Where the difference lies is in how it’s mounted. We’ve used more tech from Core here, isolating it in a precision-moulded cup containing resonance-defeating ribs. If there’s one thing you can never have too much of, it’s midrange clarity – and Contour 60i now has even more.


The two woofers are new. Each has a bigger magnet system, a different voice-coil design and a glass-fibres voice-coil former, as first used in the Confidence range and Sub 6 subwoofer. That means even tighter bass, at higher volume. We’ve chosen copper for these ones over aluminium. Why? Because they’re dedicated bass drivers. Copper is heavier and provides more moving mass. More moving mass lets us dig deeper without impinging on the midrange, handled by the super-sprightly driver just above.


The crossover is brand-new, too. You can’t change all the drivers without taking a look at the speaker’s ‘brain’, after all. Plus, the effect of that moulded midrange cup and the Nomex woofer spiders let our engineers shift the crossover frequency up. It now works better at slightly higher frequencies (up to around 300Hz). The frequency curve in this area is also flatter, meaning better midrange performance from a simpler design.


The multi-layer curved cabinet and sleek-but-solid aluminium baffle provide your music (which was likely mixed using Dynaudio studio speakers, too) with a robust, defined acoustic foundation. So much so that, if we’ve done our jobs right, you’ll forget they’re even there and just ... listen.