Dynaudio Confidence Platinum

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Confidence Platinum
Game-changing design. Cutting-edge acoustic technology. High-end materials and construction. And the sound? Wow…

The Confidence series has been raising eyebrows and dropping jaws since the 1990s – and the Confidence Platinum takes that heritage and quality to another level with new materials, updated components and an even more fanatical attention to detail.

Welcome to the next level. The original Confidence range established a benchmark for high-end loudspeakers when it sashayed out of our factory in the 1990s – and now, with the Platinum edition, it’s setting another.

Thanks to Dynaudio’s innovative DDC technology, the legendary Esotar2 tweeters (now with our precision coating), advanced crossover design, CNC-machined front baffles, custom MSP driver material (and the list goes on), the Confidence Platinums bring you unsurpassed quality, accuracy, finesse and… well, just sheer entertainment.

And then there’s the finish. Oh, the finish! Every speaker is completely handmade in our Skanderborg factory from furniture-grade materials. And everything is finished by expert craftspeople: we apply up to 13 coats of lacquer to each speaker – and each pair stays together throughout the process, so we can ensure they match perfectly. We glass-blast the aluminium tweeter plate to offset it against the satin-finish baffle. And we can make the Confidence in any finish you want, if you ask us to.

It’s painstaking and involved… and really, really difficult. (What can we say? We’re gluttons for punishment.)

Dynaudio Directivity Control
Much like motor-racing technology ends up in your family car, we’ve taken the expertise we’ve gained from decades of building professional monitors for major recording studios and applied it to home audio.

It’s all about compensating for floors and ceilings – which reflect the sound coming from your loudspeakers and introduce distortions and time delays. It’s those effects that colour the sound you hear – and while a splash of colour is lovely on the wall, you don’t want it in your music.

We utilised Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC) in the Confidence Platinum C4 and C2 to minimise those unwanted distortions. The vertical symmetrical driver array and sophisticated crossover are designed to reduce the energy dispersed to floors and ceilings by up to 75%. That means more of it comes directly to you in your seat, and makes the speakers far less dependent on the room they’re in.

It isn’t just a driver arrangement, though: every part of the signal chain is optimised for the technology. Each tweeter complements each woofer in frequency response and phase relationship. Each crossover component is precisely selected for the job. And on the floorstanding speakers in the Confidence Platinum range, we make sure each set of drivers and crossover parts is precisely matched to the other – so they work in tandem.

It also means you needn’t acoustically treat your room. (Egg-boxes on the walls are best left to dingy rehearsal rooms…)