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Black Rhodium Stream Power hálózati tápkábel (EU változat)

Black Rhodium Stream Power hálózati tápkábel (1,7 m, ezüstözött dugvilla) a Black Rhodium legújabb fejlesztéseit hordozza magában, elérhető áron.

Általános információk:

  • Info vonal: +36306701767 (8-18 óráig, munkanapokon). E-mail: info kukac sounds-good pont hu
  • 20.000 Ft-tól díjtalan GLS kiszállítás országosan
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Hivatalos garancia
Hivatalos garancia
A megrendelés menetéről érdeklődjön!
A megrendelés menetéről érdeklődjön!
Termékismertető - Specifikáció

Black Rhodium Stream Power hálózati tápkábel (1,7 m):

  • Cable length optimised for best sound quality
  • High quality silver plated copper conductors
  • Ultra low ‘Proximity Effect’ Magnetic Field distortion due to added inter-conductor distance due to absorbent braid over conductor
  • Low loss silicone rubber insulation for low dielectric absorption
    Very good flexibility
  • Mechanical Vibration Suppression Materials used in Construction
    RFI noise reduction technology including tightly braided metal screen
  • High quality connectors




“I could audition forever without fatigue but still enjoy it was something I found every time when listening to sources with the STREAM.” JANINE ELLIOT

Hi-Fi Pig

"One of the best power cables you can buy at this price point." PAUL RIGBY. theaudiophileman

“That’s the beauty of this new Stream cable – it makes components sound more precise and controlled yet at the same time imparts a rich tonality which makes all music sound organic and free-flowing. “ JON MYLES

HI-Fi World

“Stream is a superb top-of-the-range mains cable with excellent build quality”. NEVILLE ROBERTS

Hi-Fi Choice


STREAM Mains Power Cable is optimised for the best sound quality by its length. During the design period, Black Rhodium tested one of its power cables in 15 different lengths. Listening tests showed consistently that the best sound quality was obtain from cable of 1.65 m to 1.7 m.


Having determined the optimum length, Stream has been carefully designed to minimise the distortions that are most noticeable when listening to music. Individual cores are mechanically damped to minimise micro-vibrations within the cable and a closely woven screen braid was applied to minimise the effects of radio frequency interference.


Stream offers UK and European customers the choice between our standard high quality connectors or, for premium sound quality, silver or rhodium plated connectors. For a comparison, please read the review in Hi-Fi Plus.


The lasting benefit of the Stream design is that Stream is highly effective in high end systems as well as those closer to the middle of the market at which its price is aimed. High end systems owners can progressively upgrade by applying Stream to each individual part one by one experiencing highly beneficial improvements in sound quality at each stage.